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  • 360-degree Health Check
    • AC Check
    • PAS, Auxiliary and Fan Belts Check
    • Battery Condition and Security Check
    • Battery Condition and Security Check
    • Exhaust System Check
    • Engine and Gearbox Mount Check
    • HT Lead Inspection
    • Body Underside Inspection
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • Car Wash
  • Collection & Delivery
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Get Subaru Outback Repair package in Manchester at ServiceMy

Get the Best Subaru Outback Repair in Manchester from the Subaru Outback Specialists at Service My Car

Take advantage of the best Subaru outback repair in Manchester from the comfort of your home by choosing Service My Car. Our extensive Subaru outback repair network gives you access to the region's best Subaru outback repair center in Manchester. Moreover, our free collection and delivery service ensures that you can get all this done from home. You won’t have to visit any service centre in Manchester. This helps you save all the time and hassle of going to a cheap Subaru outback workshop that don’t offer specialised services.


We've got a squad of the best Subaru outback technicians Manchester has to offer. Regardless of which Subaru outback garage your car gets taken to, it'll be in good hands. They perform an array of services and repairs. Some of the most common Subaru outback maintenance services include:


  •    Subaru outback oil change
  •    Subaru outback detailing
  •    Subaru outback polishing
  •    Subaru outback inspection
  •    Subaru outback tyre replacement
  •    Subaru outback battery change
  •    Subaru outback windshield and glass replacement
  •    Subaru outback window tinting
  •    Subaru outback scratch and dent repair
  •    Subaru outback paint repair

Our car Services Include

Subaru Oil Change

  • Premium oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Oil flushing
  • 360-degree health check

Subaru Battery Replacement

  • Computerised battery tests
  • Subaru outback battery services
  • Battery cable tests
  • Comprehensive electrical check

Subaru AC Repair

  • AC diagnostics and leak test
  • AC gas refill
  • AC compressor repair
  • Full AC system flushing service

Subaru Detailing

  • Subaru outback polishing
  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Subaru outback detailing

Subaru Timing Belt Replacement

  • timing belt change
  • cambelt replacement
  • timing chain replacement
  • timing belt adjustment

Subaru Transmission Repair

  • Transmission inspection
  • Transmission programming
  • Transmission oil filter services
  • Gearbox overhauling services

Subaru Wheel Alignment

  • Computerised wheel alignment
  • Tyre balancing services
  • Wheel angle fixing
  • 360-degree health check

Subaru Engine Repair

  • Engine tuning
  • Engine detailing
  • Engine diagnosis
  • Complete engine overhaul


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