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Avail the best car repair Abu Dhabi has to offer at ServiceMyCar

Our service booking system is designed to provide the best car maintenance conveniently and efficiently. To make a booking, all you have to do is choose a car service package, and choose the pickup and delivery slots. All our service packages come with free pickup and delivery, so that you can get the best car maintenance from the comfort of your home. After you've made the booking, one of the ServiceMyCar captains will promptly arrive at the time and location of your choice to collect the car.

Once your car arrives at our garage, we'll carry out a 360-degree health check. This will analyse and determine what issues your vehicle may have, and what further repairs have to be carried out. We will then prepare a digital health report for you. You will also be provided with a quote, listing additional repairs that will only be carried out based on your approval. By giving you the option of choosing what car repairs you want, and what parts you would like to use, you get the most flexible and trustworthy car maintenance Abu Dhabi offers.

Based on your response to the quote, we will carry out all the services listed in your service package and conduct a final health check. Once our in-house quality assurance officer gives the go-ahead, your newly serviced car will be delivered back to you.

Choose ServiceMyCar for all your service and repair needs to get the best car service in Abu Dhabi. All our car repairing and car servicing options include the best technology to provide top-quality car maintenance in Abu Dhabi.

Why choose ServiceMyCar?

How do I get a car repair in Abu Dhabi with ServiceMyCar?

Getting a car repair in Abu Dhabi has never been easier. Our service packages are tailormade to cater to your car maintenance needs. We offer three different service packages – Basic, Full, and Major. All our service packages come with a free car wash, free 360-degree health check, and free collection and delivery. With our Basic and Full service package, you get a free car wash. The Major service package comes with a free car wash and free oil (5W30) as well.

All auto repair and service work is carried out with strict adherence to your car manufacturer's guidelines. Booking a service has never been easier. All you have to do is choose your desired package, fill in all the relevant information, and check out.

With ServiceMyCar, you get the best, and most convenient, car repair Abu Dhabi offers.

Get the most convenient car repair Abu Dhabi has to offer at ServiceMyCar

With ServiceMyCar, getting car maintenance in Abu Dhabi is as easy as it gets. Our network of car garages extends across Abu Dhabi. This helps us ensure that we're always around to assist you with car repair in Abu Dhabi.

Our free pickup and delivery service that comes with all our service packages also adds convenience. All you have to do is make a booking from the comfort of your home, and we'll take care of all the rest. We've designed our service packages to take care of all your vehicle repair and vehicle service needs.

There's no better or more convenient car repair Abu Dhabi can offer. Choose ServiceMyCar and get all your car maintenance needs in one place.

Book a service package on our website or the ServiceMyCar app to get the best car service Abu Dhabi has to offer.

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