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Get the best windshield replacement Dubai has to offer at ServiceMyCar

To get our windshield replacement service, all you have to do is request a quote on the ServiceMyCar app or our website. Our dedicated team of service advisors will forward the quote at the earliest, and assist you with any other queries. We also have an online chat service, and a phone line for further assistance.

You can avail our windscreen replacement service from anywhere in the region. The windshield replacement service entails fixing a replacement windshield accurately on your vehicle.  

We start by carefully removing the damaged windscreen, by removing the seals that hold it in place. Your vehicle's interior and surrounding bodywork is protected during this process. Next, your car is primed for the new windshield, with special bonding glue added to the framework. After the windshield has been fixed firmly, your vehicle is left untouched for 60 minutes to allow the glue to set.  


All new glass used by us comes from the world's leading automotive glass manufacturers. We strictly adhere to your car manufacturer's specifications and production standards. As a result, you get the best genuine, or original equipment glass, that is certified to be used on your car. 


Furthermore, our windscreen replacement technicians are put through vigorous training to ensure your glass is installed correctly and safely. You can rest assured at home while you get the best car windshield replacement Dubai has to offer.   

Is it safe to drive with a cracked windshield?  

It's frustrating to deal with a cracked windshield. You're likely to put off getting a replacement because of the costs, and the lack of time. However, even if you have a busy schedule, getting your windshield replaced should be a top priority.  


That's also where we come in. With convenient solutions like app booking and vehicle collection and delivery, getting a windshield replacement has never been easier. We also source the market for all car parts to offer you the best windshield replacement cost. 
Moreover, the longer you wait, the crack is likelier to spread, bringing other problems in the fold. If there's a significant buildup of dirt in the crack, it can make the replacement process a lot more strenuous. Here are some major reasons to avoid driving with a cracked windshield: 


  • A cracked windshield potentially makes accidents more dangerous.

Since the windshield plays a vital role in sustaining the car's structural integrity, any minor damage on it could have massive effects on minor accidents. 

  • Any distraction caused by a cracked windshield is hazardous.

Any cracks on the windshield cause light to be reflected in your eyes. This is made much worse when driving at night. 

  • A cracked windshield just doesn't look good.

Apart from practical reasons, there are cosmetic factors too. Whether you're looking to sell your car or not, you want it to look the best.    

What's the best windshield replacement near me?  

Read this far and wondering, 'where do I get a windshield replacement near me?' Look no further than ServiceMyCar. With the use of our expansive technological infrastructure, you get a modern solution.  


Request a quote for a windshield replacement by providing all the relevant details that pertain to your car. One of our dedicated service advisors will get in touch to provide a competitive quote, and guide you through the entire repair process.  


There's no better, or more convenient option than ServiceMyCar. Get a quote today on the ServiceMyCar app, or our website.  

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