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Get the best timing belt replacement Dubai has to offer at ServiceMyCar

To avail our timing belt replacement service, simply request a quote on our website or the ServiceMyCar app. Our advisory team will reach out to you with a quote at the earliest. You can also use our online chat services, or call us at 800 BOOKING (800 2665464) for assistance on any other queries.

While booking a timing belt replacement service, you can also opt for our vehicle collection and delivery service. The added convenience of getting your vehicle picked up and dropped off will save you all the time spent in traffic.  


After completing the booking, your car is brought to one of our workshops and inspected thoroughly. After identifying the problems with the timing belt, the replacement is carried out by our trusty auto repair experts. With extensive training and knowledge, our team of car technicians will carry out the best timing belt replacement Dubai has to offer.

What does a timing belt do? 

The timing belt, also referred to as a cambelt, is one of the most critical components of your vehicle’s engine module. The ribbed rubber design of the belt ensures that the top and bottom of your engine is synchronised and rotates correctly. As a result, the timing belt plays a vital role in ensuring that the engine motor runs smoothly.  


Timing chains are also used to carry out the same functions as a timing belt. Getting a timing chain replacement also works in the same manner as a timing belt replacement. However, timing chains typically last as long as the rest of the vehicle, and don’t require frequent replacing. 

What are the symptoms of a bad timing belt? 

Since the timing belt is not readily visible, you may not always pay close attention to it. It can be located under the timing cover at the front of the engine. Despite typically being made from high-quality rubber, it has to be replaced when worn out.   


While you don’t always have to prop the hood open and physically inspect the belt, there are particular symptoms to look out for that usually indicate that the belt needs to be replaced. 


Your car’s engine does not ignite 
If your timing belt is damaged, the engine will be unable to turn over and ignite. It typically occurs when you turn the key to find that while the starter motor is engaged, the engine won’t ignite. 

A ticking noise emanates from the engine 
As the timing belt starts to wear out, it generates a ticking sound from inside the engine motor. However, this symptom could also be a sign that the engine does not have proper oil pressure, or requires lubrication. 

There’s an oil leak in the engine motor 
There are instances where some engine oil may leak from the timing belt cover. The timing belt cover is typically secured by various nuts and bolts that may dislodge over some time. If you observe such an oil leak, the entire contraption must be closely inspected, and the timing belt must be replaced if required. 

If you experience a case of engine misfiring 
A timing belt that’s at the end of its life could impact the engine’s firing rate. Since it’s connected to the pulleys that work the crank and camshaft, a weak timing belt causes engine misfires. 

How much does a timing belt replacement cost?  

The timing belt replacement cost would depend on the make, model, and year of your car. You can request a quote for a timing belt replacement at ServiceMyCar by providing all the relevant details. One of our dedicated service advisors will contact you to guide you through the process at the earliest.  
If any issues have been identified with your timing belt, you must get it replaced at the earliest. There’s no better, or more convenient option than ServiceMyCar. Request a quote today on the ServiceMyCar app, or on our website.  

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