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Get on-demand flat tyre replacement at ServiceMyCar

To avail our flat tyre replacement service, you can either call us on 800 BOOKING (800 2665464), or request assistance using the ServiceMyCar app. The app is the easiest and quickest way to avail our flat tyre replacement service. We have a dedicated section on the app for all your flat tyre replacement and other roadside assistance needs.

Once you’ve made the booking, we’ll send our flat tyre technician out to assist you in under 40 minutes. With their extensive training and knowledge on how to change tyres in Dubai, you’ll get the best recovery for a flat tyre Dubai has to offer. 


What causes a flat tyre?

One of the most frustrating car-related annoyances is having to deal with a flat tyre. While a flat tyre can happen at any time, the most common causes include getting a puncture, the valve system getting damaged, and having over-pumped tyres. 

However, having a proper and efficient tyre change service on call will ensure you get back on the road. At ServiceMyCar, you get the quickest and most efficient on-demand tyre change service Dubai has to offer. Our vast service network gives you access to the region's best tyre shop. We also have mobile tyre experts who will be at your service in under 40 minutes to assist you with your flat tyre.


How do you avoid getting a flat tire? 

Our auto service experts recommend a few steps to reduce the risk of having a flat tire in Dubai. The first step is to check your tyre pressure routinely. Improper tyre pressure is one of the leading causes of flat tires, resulting in the need for a flat tyre replacement.  

You should also regularly rotate your tyres to avoid uneven wear patterns. Our service experts recommend getting it done with every car oil change service. As it may be challenging to keep a regular check on this all the time, our comprehensive car service packages ensure we have all this covered.  

Get access to our on-demand and rapid flat tire assistance from anywhere in the region. We’ve enhanced the booking process for roadside assistance services on the ServiceMyCar app to make it even easier for you. If you ever face the misfortune of dealing with a flat tire, we’ll offer you the finest services when it comes to replacing your flat tire Dubai offers. 
Request flat tire assistance now by calling us on 800 2665464, using the website, or the ServiceMyCar app to stay cruising on the roads. 

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